visit to allegra print & imaging

April 16, 2009 at 5:43 am Leave a comment

On Tuesday, April 14, our class was able to go to Allegra Print & Imaging.

This was an interesting field trip for me because I did a small bit of research on Allegra for our Printers Guides. I have included my final page layout for Allegra. At the beginning of this week, I was kind of terrified already knowing that there would be a huge lack of time in my life for the next 5 to 7 days; I was kind of stressed out about going to Allegra for a field trip instead of staying in class to work on upcoming projects, but I do not regret going, and it was probably in my top 10 of field trips I’ve ever gone on. That’s standing up against some pretty awesome places and tours, so I say it as a very positive thing.

Allegra is very welcoming from the first time you walk in the door; they have customer service right there waiting for you to help you. We started right away by going to the small but nice graphic design area of the company, moved onto the black and white small size printing area, and then went on to learn about the printing processes that go on in the next room down. It was completely fascinating to hear Jim talk about the printing presses and what can and must be done on them. It didn’t seem like he ever lacked any of the information that we were hungry for, but kept telling us everything he knows – in understandable terms – about printers and the printing process. We went into the warehouse part of the company then and saw their binding, folding, and glueing techniques.

Again, like RMG, it was good to see a local company doing so well for themselves.

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RMG trip. synopsis for completing the printers guide.

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