TasteBuds final synopsis

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During the course of creating the TasteBuds initiative with my classmates, I have learned a number of valuable things. I have always known that I would learn much, even through the most discouraging or frustrating times, but it is harder to really realize as much as try and force yourself to think that way while you’re going through it.
Working with a real-life client while in junior year of university has been priceless; I do not now nor have ever doubted that. I have always been told about “clients”, though, that scary thing out there that we would one day be forced to work one-on-one with and create something appealing for. It sounds prestigious, or at least I think I have always felt that it did. I think that in a way, it is. It is helpful to know how things will sometimes flow once we get out of school and are freelancing or looking for a job.
Working on the Identity Standards Guide, I was able to gain some more experience in InDesign, which I don’t feel like you can ever acquire enough of. I was also given the opportunity to learn about choosing colors for a brand or logo or initiative or anything. PMS and CMYK and HEX are all things that seem unclear to me still, even though I have spent a fairly large amount of time getting to know them. Our relationship is just still slightly shaky because I don’t know how different people or different parts of the project will react to them. I have, for the most part, discovered which facets of colors are used for which kinds of projects and materials, though.
Overall, it was most exciting to me to see the relationships being built throughout the class along the way of this semester. I feel that we really have built better relationships; I feel the need to check up on people once in awhile and make coffee cake in order to help the “family” along. Cheesy, but true; and definitely a positive thing, I think. We know how to work better not only with a large group of people, but with our classmates. I feel that that has been the best thing about this semester.

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