synopsis for completing the printers guide.

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The printer guide project has been one in which I gained a lot of knowledge with issues that I have already had much experience with in the past. It has been interesting in this way, because I was half expecting it to be an easy throw-together type piece, which it definitely ended up not being. I am happy about this, though, because it has provided some challenges for me that I feel have improved my design in some way.
I love using InDesign, and have much preferred that over Illustrator for the last couple years, but during this project, I have come to appreciate Illustrator for easiness of some processes, such as manipulation to anything. I love the structure of InDesign, but sometimes it is a relief to just move into Illustrator and feel much more free.
My first layout for the guide was a total flop, which at first was disappointing because I really did research my idea for it; i looked through a series of constructivist-type design, which I have fallen slightly in love with over the past year or so. Although I thought it was working at first, I soon realized that it was not the way to go, and that I needed to figure something else out. I have also gained a massive interest in sewing in the last couple years, and although I do not really have any skills in that area yet, I decided to go with some kind of just creative theme. I found images online that seemed to work together well; strangely this included a hang sewing mixed with a diagram of ink rollers on a letterpress. I loved the shapes of the rollers from the side and incorporated that into my design.
My last design element that I decided to use was the word meaning “to make”, or “to do” in Czech, with stitches leading to it. Although I am anything but fluent in the language, I feel that it is closer to my heart language in some ways than english is. I did not use the word delat to draw other people closer to my guide, but simply used it for myself, to add something of my past into my work.

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