RMG trip.

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When we went to RMG, or National Print Group, I was excited to see what they were all about, but had no idea what to expect. They are huge. Although they have a graphic design department, they mainly just print massive things. They do work for some impressively large companies, such as Wal-Mart, Lowe’s, and Target. They have huge printing presses, HUGE ones. They have the largest printing press in the world. Mind-blowing. It was awesome to be able to see and kind of feel a part of. They also have rooms of guilitines and binding and folding machines. After being there and seeing everything and learning more about their company, I feel lucky to have been able to visit it and see everything that they are doing.

When we first went into RMG, we were warmly welcomed and then briefed on what we would soon be seeing throughout their company. They have a really large space of three, maybe four buildings. As we walked from one to the next, it was just almost alarming to be going into yet another building. Before entering the next building, I was never able to guess what else they could possibly be housing. We saw them printing certain things, mostly fairly small things, and were able to feel free to ask questions at any moment. It was very helpful and definitely a good experience to see all the good things happening at RMG, and to know that they are happening there as well as other places in our city.

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finishing elements. 5. visit to allegra print & imaging

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