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On Thursday, April ninth, we had this totally non-typical day where we had activities – mostly outside of school – and got free food and were in good company. Leslie invited Cindy Li to come and speak to the juniors and seniors specifically; we all met at Greenspaces at 8 and had our first session with her. It was nice that designers outside of UTC decided to join in. We got Niedlov’s for breakfast, which all looked amazing; I’m definitely a muffin-top person, so I must admit that that’s all I ate, but it was delicious.

We went back to school and the juniors had the opportunity to sit with Cindy and Leslie and just ask questions and listen to Cindy’s answers. The part that fascinated me the most and which I had the most questions about was Cindy’s freelancing experiences up until now and how she feels about them for the future. It is terrifying to me but partly what I want to do at least at some small part in my future. I feel like it would be really good personal experience; being forced to create your own timely schedule, meetings with separate clients, and budgeting. All incredibly important things that I still have somehow not caught onto. For this reason, I fully understand that freelancing would probably not be the way for me to go just yet.

We were able to go to lunch at Easy bistro, which was a totally good experience. Their fairly new space is beautiful and wide open. The orchids at the bar made that side of the space look amazing and super chic, almost.

The whole day, the theme was social networking. This is a hard thing for me to really come to grips with, because I have been raised and have learned in past years through my own experiences that sometimes it is just best to stick to face-to-face relationships and leave out the no-strings-attached typing and texting. The whole thing smells somewhat dangerous to me, because our entire view of people has and will continue to change with the wave that social networking sites are making. I realize that these are important for employers to look at perspective employees, but what happened to interviewing and receiving recommendations? I understand why being interconnected is so important sometimes, but I just cannot understand why you would want to be connected and knowing of what your friends were doing at all times. I feel like eventually, masses of people will forget how to react and interact with the world on a true level.

This whole series of presentations was especially interesting to me, because the night before, I had read an article in GQ, where the editor quotes a British magazine called “Biologist”, and says that “An eye-opening new study reveals that if you spend a lot of time on Facebook and other social networking sites, chances are you’re alienated, lonely, and quite possibly demented.” After reading this article, I mentioned it to my dad and older brother, who are in different stages and walks of life than me, and they both kind agreed that they thought this way. My dad even threatens to fail his students if they do not cancel their twitter account by the end of his class.

So, this is where I come from with the entire idea of social networking. I understand why it has become addictive and therefore kind of important in our society. I understand why people use it and that it can be used in really productive ways; I cannot deny, though, that I am tentative to take a strong social networking persona at this time.

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