finishing elements. 4.

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Varnish –

The examples that I found for varnishing paper are a Casa Bugatti brochure/magazine, and a tag that includes extra buttons. The Casa Bugatti magazine is kind of a reverse spot varnish, covering almost the entire front cover, except for the sub-headline and the very outer edges. So the whole cover is shiny, and although this is an odd treatment, it strangely still makes the headline stand out. It also feels nice on the majority. The second example, the Tatuum tag that I found, is a tag on a string, as well as an envelope – the sport varnished part  – as well as a clear tag specifying that it is duck down. The spot varnishing is the name of the company, and is in the same color of white as the background, but stands out because of the shininess.

Die-cut –

My die-cut examples are the Stefan Sagmeister collection “Things I Have Learned in My Life So Far”, and a weird St. Patty’s day card that my Aunt Jane send me. The Sagmeister collection is pretty recognizable now, but is still seen as being incredibly well done. The box/cover is die-cut to reveal holes in Sagmeister’s face, which can be refilled with different covers of the different books. The other example, the card, has a toilet on the front, and there is a hole in the toilet seat, and there is a leprechaun’s face and hat poking through. You can then open the card to reveal “Beware of Wee People”, and the leprechaun is dripping. It’s really quite strange, I kind of forgot about how weirded out I got when I received it.

Stefan Sagmeister's.
weird die cut.

weird die cut.

spot varnish

spot varnish

spot varnish. 2.

spot varnish. 2.

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