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Thermography –
I can’t say that I really enjoy the thermography theme that many business cards seem to carry. I was relieved to find something slightly more legitimate than a cheap business card as one of my examples. On the other hand, one of my examples is an old auto center business card that I found from Ohio. The design on it isn’t actually terrible, they have wisely kept it fairly simple. And they have also used thermography on tiny little images, which I also kind of like more than on big titles, like the First Tennessee business cards. Ugly. My second example of thermography is my high school diploma. It actually looks pretty professional and formal, and although I can think of ways I’d rather see my diploma, I have hardly ever actually looked at it since I graduated. Enough money is spent on high school graduations anyway, so I think that if thermography was a slightly cheaper option for the school, they rocked it. It works – there is a thin plastic sheet covering the paper, and so through the plastic it looks shimmery as well as holds a texture. It is legible, and looks completely official.

Perforation/Scoring –
My scored example actually also includes a little embossing as well as some shiny red foil stamping, but it contains an obvious score. It looks as if it has actually be cut part way through, which is understandable to me, because if i paper is thick enough, sometimes it just makes sense and makes a process easier. It is a an old Valentines day card from my aunt. It’s scored in two places, the center fold, and another fold that flips around to form a kind of pocket on the inside of the card. The folds stay in place much better than if they were just bent and folded. I also have an example of perforation in good use. It is kind of a business card/advertisement for an amazing coffee shop in Prague, called Ebel. It looks like a regularly sized business card, but on the bottom, there is an attached 15% off coupon that is held on by perforation. It’s an ingenious idea. People may not ever remember to use the discount, but they will pick up the card because people are always looking for a bargain. And then whether they use the discount or not, they most likely have the advertisement laying around.







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