finishing elements. 2.

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Emboss/Deboss –
My examples of embossing are a cigarillo box and a match box. The reason that I kept these and picked them up for this project are because they’re overall nice designs, and the embossing just accentuates that. The cigarillo box is a Montecristo box, and the “MONTECRISTO” and the logo are box embossed. They have metallic accents, too, which makes the box seem more “royal”. The entire box is well-designed. The second example that I brought in is a Dunhill matchbox, which I picked up in Germany just because I liked the design. It has a slide out for the matches, the scratchy part on just one side, and a little lift-up flap that has information inside. It has a simple design on the front, and it is embossed.

Foil Stamp –
Once I started looking, I actually found foil stamping to be fairly common on a few things – foreign currency and different types of tickets. So for my foil stamp examples, I have found a 5 pound note, as well as an older public transportation ticket from Prague. The 5 pound note uses foil stamping almost the same way that watermarks are used on American currency (even though British money also has a watermark in the center). It has a hologram in it, sometimes seeming like a “5”, and when moving it, seeming like a possible queen with sun rays shooting from behind her. The metro ticket from Prague uses the foil stamp for legitimacy as well, I think. It is just an eight-sided star in the upper right-hand corner. It is also a hologram, seeming empty at one point, and then “Praha” appears, and when turned in yet another direction, containing the Prague public transport logo.

passport photo folder.

passport photo folder.


foil stamp on prague metro pass.

foil stamp on prague metro pass.


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finishing elements. finishing elements. 3.

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