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Frank Anthony at Times Free Press

Frank Anthony at Times Free Press

On Thursday, February 26, our class was able to go on a guided tour of the Chattanooga Times Free Press. Our tour guide was the infamous Frank Anthony, the VP of Operations at the Times Free Press. It was a priveledge to be informed by someone who is so full of knowledge and knows the newspaper so well.

The most interesting part of the tour was the very beginning, when Mr. Anthony showed us the history of printing, and we were able to see the antique equipment that the Times has in their possession. We were shown steps in years and years of history in just a few minutes, but it is consistenly mind-blowing to me to experience – for just a minute – what creating something like the news has consisted of in the past. Mr. Anthony showed us a Linotype machine and how it worked, and the time that was invested in creating just one or a few lines of type. The Linotype machine was made at the turn of the century and was used until the 1970’s or 1980’s. Unbelievable that in such a long period of time, nothing that worked more quickly than the Linotype machine was created. Compared this to the time we live in now, just a couple decades later, when it is expected that a brand new computer will last only a year or two before it is seen as “out-dated”.

I have also been on a tour of the Basler Zeitung, a newspaper in Basel, Switzerland, and was pleasantly surprised to notice the similarities in the two newspaper processes and the cleanliness of the plants. The people were also all very friendly, and although it seemed like a very high-stress working environment, it all seemed to be under control. I have to admit, it seemed a bit too intense for me, but it would, nonetheless, be an incredible experience for anyone to work in such a fast-paced company.

Thank you, Chattanooga Times Free Press and Frank Anthony, for our very interesting and educational experience.

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