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In Professional Practices on Thursday, the group that I am part of – the identity group – was able to help choose colors for our final logo and overall color scheme. We were lucky enough to at least be in on the decision-making process with Casey and Leslie, which was definitely a good experience. I have used and learned a little bit about Pantone colors before, mainly from Tricycle, but this was a pretty short and intense lesson about everything Pantone. Leslie has an amazing full set of Pantone swatch books that we learned how to use and how not to touch, and even though Casey had chosen some of the best color schemes for his logo already, it felt good to be there to agree on the finals.

Pantone swatch books are made to be an exact match to the colors that your final printed (if printed at a legitimate printer) piece will consist of. They mix the colors to the exact number and put a little touch of each in each different Pantone book. There is a few different options that will affect your final outcome, depending on the type of paper you use and what you are using it for. The most commonly used options are the Pantone solid coated and solid uncoated

Set of Pantone swatch books

Set of Pantone swatch books


Although this Pantone set wouldn’t be incredibly useful for most of the student project we put out right now – not to mention way to expensive for most of us – it was awesome to have the chance to learn about one more thing that we may not have gained very much information on until getting into the workplace. Thanks Leslie, for risking your swatches in our untrained company.

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