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On February 18, our class had the opportunity to go and listen to a workshop on press releases given by Janice Hashe. Janice is the editor of Pulse magazine, and has been dealing with press releases for some time now. She has been in Chattanooga since 2006.

It was interesting to go and listen to Janice, because I have never had the patience to sit down and think about organized press releases. For one, I have never had the need for a press release yet in my life; I’m sure I will at some point, though, and so I’m glad that I was forced to sit down and pay attention. The environment was good as well, which added to the comfort of taking in as much as I could about something I have never been particularly interested in.

It was a long workshop, and just a few of the things that I learned were sending a press release to an editor – and how to address the editor, taking photos for stories in the newspaper, and just how engaging a press release needs to be. I feel like I have heard some of these things before, such as an emphasis on spell check and how to send photos, but because I do not pride myself on how well I write, I have never considered the fact that what I write for a press release needs to be interesting and interacting from the beginning.

One of the things that Ms. Hashe stressed the most was the importance of contact information, and listing your own contact over and over throughout a press release. If this does not happen, the editor automatically has no desire or time to try and figure it out.

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