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On Thursday, February 19, our class had the priveledge of going to visit Paper Plus, a local post in a national chain of paper stores. I know that the most exciting part of this visit to most people in the class was the fact that there was a rack of paper sample books right inside the door, and we were able to take as many as we wanted.

Paper is fascinating to me, and honestly has been since I can remember. I know that people say that a lot, and really just mean for a few years or something, but really…since I can remember. I used to make paper when I was little, and when I lived in Germany I had the amazing opportunity to visit an old-time paper making shop. This inspired me and a friend of mine to re-discover paper again.

At the small and intimate paper mill, we were given the opportunity to stir the rags around in a huge vat, and then dip in a screen and shuffle it in order to get all the water out, and peel the paper out. We were also shown how a paper mill is able to put a watermark into a sheet of paper, which was completely fascinating to me.

Me and this friend that was amazed with me were all about making a buck, and because we lived in Germany, we were unable to have any kind of job; so we would make things and try and sell them on our own tiny blackmarket. After we went to Basel, to the paper mill, we spent an entire Saturday in our dorm kitchen making pink paper out of anything we could find. The only really bizarre thing I remember us including was pink shoe laces. It was kind of a shoddy process, we had to find the screen somewhere and then build frames for it, and at this point I’m actually slightly impressed that we went through with it. Unfortunately, no one was really interested in buying our pink Valentine’s day paper. They had no idea what they were missing. It will be worth millions one day.

So anyway, all of that to say, in a completely roundabout way, that I enjoyed going to Paper Plus. It was an opportunity to be reminded of different paper weights and companies, and gave us the opportunity to start “getting in” with yet another company in Chattanooga. Thanks to Alex at Paper Plus, for listening to our sometimes inadequate questions and filling us with your knowledge.

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