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For our second project in Process and Materials, we were each given a word pair, and were then told to capture images of what these words meant to us. Conceptualizing ideas has always been a somewhat tough thing for me to accomplish, because I end up thinking too hard to let any new and beautiful ideas come to mind. This project was no different, and although i am happy with my final images, I do not doubt that something more fascinating could have been done.
My words were rough and smooth. I have chosen skin as my medium.
Although we were meant to take photos and color correct them from the beginning, this is something that I naturally try to focus on doing before and while I am taking the photo. I do not claim to be incredibly good at it, but I think that learning to use a completely manual process before turning digital will help anyone with this aspect. I learned to use an old SLR, and although I did not really have another choice, I am thankful for this. Even when not knowing what the aperture was or how the shutter speed actually worked, I knew how to put them together to create something. I have always tried to see the lighting and imagine it being captured before snapping a photo.
In this day and age, when instead of being forced to use an old, manual SLR, I am forced (although I do not mean to complain about this) to use a somewhat automatic mean of photography. It is harder for me to imagine the output of a digital, because it is so easy to snap anything and either delete it or make it good. I feel that my photos could work on a level without color correction, but in this project, and with this means of photography, I am thankful to have the ability to color correct in Photoshop.

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