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Although I have never experienced trying to sell something to a client per say, I feel that there is some similar experience in both trying to sell classmates a design during class as well as trying to convince an employer to hire you.
I think that being confident about yourself and about your design and design style is one of the most important things that you can possess in order to sell someone on something. I think that it has always been that way in any type of marketing. If you are trying to sell something to someone in order to increase your sales or respect, you have to be convinced in the product yourself.
For some reason, my mind relates this whole concept to old sneaky medicine men. Or maybe that’s not the right title. But then people that used to drag their carts or their wagons around with tons of interesting things to look at, much of it fake. This person, who was most likely a bum of some type, needed to either be convinced himself, or have an incredible acting spirit to seem convinced. If he was trying to sell water in a bottle as some kind of saving liquid, he needed to act in a way to convince people that it had saved him, and would also save them.
It’s a way of making money, and I think that it is an incredibly important skill to have, on top of about 15 million others that sometimes seem equally important in our field of graphic design. If we are not absolutely convinced in our design, it will be hard to sell it at all; but if we can muster our acting abilities and come up with legitimate reasons to buy what I’m selling, it is harder but just as possible to succeed.
In front of a group of clients or possible employers, it is easiest to sell something or sell ourselves if we are also sold. To maintain control of the situation and group of people, though, it is important to realize that if we are not sold, we need to pretend.
The actual presentation of what we are attempting to sell is also key – if we mumble and slouch and have not given a few good thoughts to what we are wearing and who we are looking at and focusing our presentation on, there is a good chance that we will fail. Although this is harsh, it is reality. We need to think through every step of the procedure, from how we put our clothes on to how we will greet clients, to how we will stand and act while we are in front of clients.
It is hard for anyone to master these characteristics, if anyone actually ever does. This is obviously a hard thing for us as students to dedicate ourselves to and learn, because we are focused on the aspects of study that we find ourselves most interested in; “presentation does not seem like a part of print.” “How can selling ourselves be pard of our complex way of thinking about art?”. Ultimately, in order to do the things that we love within design, we need clients. We need someone to make our design for. I don’t think it’s really pleasant, but I also don’t think I can probably survive and thrive on creating design for my own ideas forever.
This is a hard thing for us to learn, it is a kind of switching of mindsets, from “artist” to “professional” at times. We are lucky, however, to be taught the things that we need to survive, and not only the things that we enjoy.

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