blindly gathering inspiration for logos.

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Creating logos is something that I have always known that I wasn’t necessarily gifted at; not that I am self-pitying about this fact, but I have always lacked some amount of creativity. I have always thought this was kind of strange, since this is something that “artists” are supposed to be overflowing with. I have come to grips with this fact, and have decided long ago to just move forward with things and use any amount of creativity that I am suddenly endowed with. Many times, this creativity is simply inspired. There are far too many things in the world to take in and remember, it is known that we are programmed to only remember solidly the things that stand out to us for some particular reason. This being said, I do not know that I have a particular style of design or beauty in the world that continuously strikes me. Creation is constantly bestowing beauty all around us, and although this is the stem of everything that could be called beautiful to look at, I feel like many times this is the last thing we think to gain inspiration from.
It is strange, then, that when trying to be inspired to make logos for something natural, I feel like I have consistently been falling flat for ideas and creativity. It has bothered me, even though I knew from the beginning of our professional practice classes that this would be one of the hardest parts for me, that I cannot seem to come up with a logo worthy of putting on the local food guide.
Just recently, admittedly tonight, I have felt even just a spark of inspiration in creating TasteBuds logos. I all too many times forget that it is when really digging in and making mistakes on a pen drawing or thumbnail that creativity begins to flow. I have felt a small sense of relief tonight to have been able to come up with any kind of logo, no matter how insignificant or worthless to our cause and project. It makes a personal difference to have been able to fiddle and make mistakes long enough to have come up with something that is enjoyable to myself. One fan might be nice, but even without that, I have gained confidence.

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