relationship building with Photoshop, synopsis.

February 1, 2009 at 6:51 pm Leave a comment

I need to go ahead and admit that I am not finished with this project yet, so it is kind of sneaky of me to comment within my blogs like I actually have a full synopsis of project 1. I guess with having three blog posts over this, spread across the last two weeks, really, I feel like my feelings towards this whole topic should have changed somewhat, or at least grown to be more positive. It’s possible that I have gained more positive attitude towards Photoshop over the last couple semesters, with Photo for Graphic Design and now Process and Materials; being forced for a grade to learn to use the tools within this program is kind of essential for me at this point to even crack unknown things open and see what they’re about. I am somewhat scared that over the next couple years, I will not be forced as much or as often to use Photoshop, or I will just choose to use a different program instead, and forget what I have learned. I wish it held more appeal for me, because I know that it is essential when going into any design job now. Things like web and print knowledge are good to have and will most likely get you a job quicker, but something like knowledge of Photoshop is just common sense – you must have it. So I think that until I graduate, and in the years immediately following UTC, I need to begin to force myself to use Photoshop once in awhile, watch tutorials about random things; I know that in this way, I will find more reasons to use Photoshop much more often.

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attempting affection for photo manipulation. research and sour cream.

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