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January 20, 2009 at 2:48 pm Leave a comment

Photoshop, which I am trying incredibly hard to appreciate and learn to love, is a pain in my ass. Although I’m not sure if this feeling will last for my entire life, I do not doubt it. I respect the program, partly because I don’t feel like I will ever be on top of it. I appreciate it, because I know that it is useful for manipulating photos and building websites. I think I have a long-held grudge against it because, in my past, I have worked with creating photos simply with skill and film and developing, and have always really loved doing work by hand. Before coming to UTC, I pretty much refused to learn how to manipulate photos, because it seemed fake to me. I regret this feeling somewhat now, because it would be helpful to have educated knowledge in Photoshop at this point, but I can’t rebut my previous held feelings towards manipulation.
I think this is where my difficulty in working with images has grown from. There are just certain things in Photoshop that I can’t begin to understand. I have become more impressed with people that are truly skilled in the program, because I now know how hard it is to follow through with an originally planned manipulation.
My love with photos – and really all things design – will always rest in working by hand. I know that this skill is becoming more and more out of touch with recent developments in technology, but it holds nostalgia and feeling that technology-built materials will never hold.

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design brief. attempting affection for photo manipulation.

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