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Writing a design brief is incredibly complicated.
“The format is, of course, critical in that it should be easy to read and track through.” Although this sentence is obvious and incredibly true, it makes writing a design brief sound much easier than it is. It was helpful that in our classes’ case, we were broken up into four groups to cover sections of our design brief; in our case, we only had to take control of one or two sections, and then make the entire thing sound cohesive. I can’t imagine sitting down in one period of time and creating a brief alone.
In our book, “Creating the Perfect Design Brief”, there was an excerpt from Kim Zarney’s “The Core Creative Concept in Branding: A Streamlined Approach”. It was helpful, in this section, to have things put in terms that make it seem simpler; Zarney compared the ease of creating a brief to the ease of creating a perfect stir fry. It just depends on what you intend your end product to look and feel like, and if you have those ingredients READY. Not just available to you, but ready to add in as soon as you begin. Things will go much faster if you write down and have a good idea of every section and then worry about the wording and professionalism of the thing in its entirety when you have your main points down. Although I don’t think this is quite what Zarney was hitting on, this is what I have taken and remembered from his article.
Another point that I think is important to remember when thinking about graphic design as a profession is the fact that it is not only art we should be concerned with. “If the design profession wants to become a core, strategic business partner, then the design profession must learn to think in both design and business terms.” I think that this is a hard thing for us to remember during our education, because there is a lot of stress put on tuning our conceptual thought process – which there should be – but then we begin to lack in classes that are more bent towards surviving once we are thrown out of university. Because of this, and although I did not necessarily enjoy creating a design brief, I appreciate that we had to make one and that we have to go through Professional Practices. It is a difference in thinking that will definitely help us all through attempting to find jobs or opening businesses.

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