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Thoughts on the Brand Gap.
Although Marty Neumeier has created a book and strategy that would most likely be easy for the normal person to read during a flight, it is still strangely deep. I appreciate the fact that it is so short and seemingly simplistic, and maybe it’s just my short-lived attention span that sometimes forces me to re-read a paragraph or chapter; in any case, it is more of a business book than I have read to date, and I find myself increasingly interested in this side of the graphic design world. I know that I could continuously be taught about the art of graphic design for the rest of my life and still not feel completely educated on the subject, but I feel like a designer also having some business knowledge is incredibly relevant – maybe sometimes even more than the art itself? – to surviving and succeeding within the graphic design world. It is my feeling that we need more of this business side taught to us, a whole class devoted solely to surviving as a freelancer, or starting your own small design firm. I know that these are somewhat broad subjects, but the only class we have now that relates closely to business is professional practices; and there is surely not enough time in this one semester to cover client relationships as well as something like starting your own business.
Back to the book, it was an enjoyable read. it stepped away, even for just a minute, from concentrations such as typographic style and building your page layouts and websites on a grid. It was refreshing to look outside our fairly small class mindsets and see a much larger picture of the real world and how it is constantly operating whether we choose to participate or not. There is obviously not enough stress put on branding and identities in recent days, or else many more companies would probably be succeeding. These are things we are blessed to realize before we get into the field so that we are not shocked to realize them once we are thrown out into it.

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