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Although I had many problems with the packaging project, I can finally feel encouragement knowing the things that I did not do correctly, and knowing that I would be able to fix them now.
From the beginning of the project, I think I began to run into mental walls, which blocked my memory of coding xhtml and styling it. I’m not really sure why this happened, and as is evident in the final finished materials, it was painful for me to try and fight through. It is somewhat a mystery why this happened, I think that it had just been too long since I had coded a website, and I must have blocked part of that information out of my brain. Unfortunate. I had a clear idea of how I wanted the website to look from the beginning, which, I’ve realized, is something that will usually hurt, instead of aid, you. I didn’t let myself think past that idea, and that package, and I feel that possibly if I had, I could have finished properly.
I wanted my website to be simple, as is the original intention of much of my design. I feel that I met that goal in my greyboxes and mock-ups, but had a major problem coming up with any color to add into the design.
I think that my main problems popped up solely in the coding and styling. I feel that the design could have worked if it had looked as I designed it to. I have learned how to organize myself more clearly from the beginning of a project, because I feel that this is key. I feel that if I am organized from the beginning and know where everything is and is going, it will be easier to code. The upside of this project is the fact that I feel more confidence now, and feel that I have definitely learned from my mistakes.

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