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November 30, 2008 at 8:32 pm Leave a comment

I feel slightly fulfilled to be finished with this website, not because it looks completely professional or even because I feel like it is sufficient to make live; I am simply proud of the fact that I made something that works on the browser, and that it looks almost identical to how my greyboxes, mock-ups, and original ideas did. It takes a lot of my brainpower to start working on something like coding a website from beginning to end, and although I know that I still have not figure everything out (or even a fraction of everything), and have not figured out how to make code beautiful in every case, it took me awhile to get into building it, and awhile to keep myself working on it, before I really got into making it work.
I know that there are many things wrong with it, both with the back-end part, and pretty purely asthetic problems on the front-end part. I know that I used too many divs, and on one hand am kind of sad that I learned about them, because it’s almost like I fell into love with a chain smoker or something. Bad news in some cases; it is just really addicting, knowing that you can always control or tweak the smallest characteristic if you use them.
I created a portfolio website, though, and feel like I can stand pretty strongly behind that as an assignment. Like I said, I do not think that I feel comfortable enough yet to put something like the assignment live, but I would like to attempt to make a better one that could live online.

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