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During the web design class periods on the 14 and 16 of October, listening to the people that own and keep Coptix running was a fascinating privilege. While I feel it would have been incredibly useful and meaningful to our class whether we were without a teacher or not, I feel that it was an excellent way for us to use our teacherless classes.
On Tuesday, Josiah, Bekka, and Tyrick came and spoke to our class, telling us of their field experiences and showing us their websites and photoshop comps. Josiah, of course, told us about his experience of being the Creative Director of Coptix, which is impressive. I feel that when someone gets very far in the art/design world without some kind of collegiate training, there is something big to be said about them. I am impressed with Josiah because he went to a university without any kind of graphic design program, and although he wholeheartedly claims to not be a graphic designer, he still runs the show and has the final word.
It was really helpful to see graduates from our program building websites in photoshop. I consistently feel discouraged because of my amount of skill (or lack thereof) in web design, but it is encouraging to hear that some of the graduates from last year felt the same as me before working at Coptix. Hearing them talk made me exteremely grateful to be in web design this year and to know that I am bettering my skills and chances of job once i graduate.
On Thursday, Daniel and Melinda came to talk and discuss web design with us. Daniel is a html/css genius, but probably one of the most encouraging things about anybody speaking to us was Daniel telling us that we just simply must find our niche, and stick with that. Although he studied graphic design, he also claims to not be a designer, but has the mind for the coding side of web. While the way his brain works will forever be impressive and seemingly unachievable for me, he has probably had experience thinking the same thing about creative designers.
That is probably what I will absolutely, without a doubt, always remember about Coptix generously coming to hang out with us. The fact is, if we were all purely css/html minded, the world would not be so beautiful. That characteristic comes from the creative artists and designers, which I think I am proud to be a part of.

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